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The Sky Eye Mammoth is the most powerful and versatile UAV model of the Sky Eye product range and the perfect tool for professionals working in various conditions. With world leading technology, the Mammoth is optimized and approved to carry FLIR SYSTEMS high-end thermal and gas imaging cameras.

Optimized for long flights and higher load capacity.

The Sky Eye Mammoth has an excellent load capacity and is able to fly dual cameras. You can fit both a thermal and a visual camera and fly them at the same time. To control the camera functions we have combined software and hardware in a way that gives unique control of advanced thermal and gas sensors without relying on infrastructures like 3/4G or Wi-Fi connectivity. The Mammoth can carry a payload of 4,500 g (160 oz) and comes equipped with a powerful onboard computer.


Sensor and software integration allows you to control sensor output from the ground.

Tethered System

Tethered Power box with encrypted data transfer by Elistair solutions.

Ready for post analysis

Recording of radiometric data onto an onboard computer. Full support of FLIR Tools, Tools+ and Research IR.

Open platform

Open to interpretation. Versatile tool for research and science organizations.



Can withstand the harshest conditions and winds. Dustproof over pressured electronics chamber and filter system.


World leading parachute technology.